The Team

Romit Maulik

Current Members

  1. Dr. Shivam Barwey: Reduced-order modeling of high dimensional fluid dynamical systems, graph-based learning, federated machine learning, high-performance computing, Postdoctoral Fellow.
  2. Jonah Botvinick Greenhouse (Cornell University): Deep learning for stochastic dynamical systems, 2022 National Science Foundation, Mathematical Sciences Graduate Intern and Argonne Visiting Graduate Student.

Former Members

  1. Gurpreet Singh Hora (Columbia University): Adaptive training of deep learning surrogates in OpenFOAM (with Laurent White at AMD Research).
  2. Cyril Le Doux (University of Chicago): Deep learning emulators for geophysical modeling, 2022 DOE Summer Undergraduate Intern (SULI).
  3. Sen Lin (University of Houston): Anomaly detection in dynamical systems using Bayesian online changepoint detection, Givens Associateship, 2022.
  4. Sahil Bhola (University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor): Multifidelity reinforcement learning for computational fluid dynamics, Research Aide, 2021.
  5. Alec Linot (University of Wisconsin, Madison): Deep learning surrogate models on inertial manifolds, Givens Associateship, 2021.
  6. William McClure (IIT-Chicago): Estimating the Generator of SDEs Using Temporal Normalizing Flows, Masters Thesis, 2021.
  7. Janah Richardson (Walter Payton College Prep High School): Causal Relationship Between Environmental Factors and Social Mobility, Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) High School Research Program, 2020-2021. Gold medal winner in Computer Science category - Illinois.
  8. Suraj Pawar (Oklahoma State University): Scalable reinforcement learning for computational fluid dynamics, ALCF Summer Internship Project, 2020.
  9. Dominic Skinner (MIT): Deep learning reduced-order models for computational physics applications, National Science Foundation, Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship, Summer 2020.
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