The Team

Principal Investigator

Romit Maulik

Assistant Computational Scientist,
Mathematics and Computer Science Division,
Argonne National Laboratory.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Information Science and Technology,
Pennsylvania State University.

Current Members

  1. Dr. Shivam Barwey (Argonne National Laboratory): Reduced-order modeling of high dimensional fluid dynamical systems, graph-based learning, federated machine learning, high-performance computing, Postdoctoral Fellow.
  2. Matt Poska (Penn State & Argonne National Laboratory): Explainable machine learning for dynamical systems, Informatics PhD Student co-advised with Dr. Sharon Huang.
  3. Neelappagouda Hiregoudar (Penn State): Accelerating PDE-constrained inverse problems with machine learning, PhD Student.
  4. Dibyajyoti Chakraborty (Penn State): Stable deep learning forecast models for high-dimensional dynamical systems, PhD Student.
  5. Deepinder Jot Singh Aulakh (Argonne National Laboratory): Data-parallel deep learning in PythonFOAM, ALCF Research Aide, Summer 2023.
  6. Zachariah Malik (Argonne National Laboratory): Deep learning for stochastic dynamical systems, NSF MSGI Summer 2023.
  7. Abhinab Bhattacharjee (Argonne National Laboratory): Accelerating data and model fusion using deep learning, MCS Given's Associateship, Summer 2023.

Former Members

  1. Trent Gerew (Argonne National Laboratory): Inverse classification for budget-constrained data-assimilation, 2023 U.S. Department of Energy, Science Undergraduate Laboratory Intern (SULI).
  2. Jonah Botvinick Greenhouse (Argonne National Laboratory & Cornell University): Deep learning for stochastic dynamical systems, 2022 National Science Foundation, Mathematical Sciences Graduate Intern and Argonne Visiting Graduate Student.
  3. Gurpreet Singh Hora (Columbia University): Adaptive training of deep learning surrogates in OpenFOAM (with Laurent White at AMD Research).
  4. Cyril Le Doux (Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago): Deep learning emulators for geophysical modeling, 2022 DOE Summer Undergraduate Intern (SULI).
  5. Sen Lin (Argonne National Laboratory & University of Houston): Anomaly detection in dynamical systems using Bayesian online changepoint detection, Givens Associateship, 2022.
  6. Sahil Bhola (Argonne National Laboratory & University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor): Multifidelity reinforcement learning for computational fluid dynamics, Research Aide, 2021.
  7. Alec Linot (Argonne National Laboratory & University of Wisconsin, Madison): Deep learning surrogate models on inertial manifolds, Givens Associateship, 2021.
  8. William McClure (IIT-Chicago): Estimating the Generator of SDEs Using Temporal Normalizing Flows, Masters Thesis, 2021.
  9. Janah Richardson (Walter Payton College Prep High School): Causal Relationship Between Environmental Factors and Social Mobility, Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) High School Research Program, 2020-2021. Gold medal winner in Computer Science category - Illinois.
  10. Suraj Pawar (Argonne National Laboratory & Oklahoma State University): Scalable reinforcement learning for computational fluid dynamics, ALCF Summer Internship Project, 2020.
  11. Dominic Skinner (Argonne National Laboratory & MIT): Deep learning reduced-order models for computational physics applications, National Science Foundation, Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship, Summer 2020.
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