I am an Assistant Computational Scientist at the Mathematics and Computer Science division (MCS) at Argonne National Laboratory. I am also jointly appointed as Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Previously, I was the 2019 Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory and obtained my Ph.D. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

My interests are scientific machine learning, stochastic processes, high performance computing with applications to engineering, geoscience, plasma physics. I am also associated with the DeepHyper project at Argonne for scalable asynchronous neural architecture and hyperparameter search for deep neural networks.

If you're interested in a high-level overview of some my research, check out this, this, and this, recording of recent studies. If you are a student interested in an internship at Argonne along the lines of my research interests - please email me.

In the news

  • Our novel deep learning architecture for time-varying unstructured data is highlighted by TechXplore.
  • Sahil Bhola is in the news! His work on exploring multifidelity deep reinforcement learning for aerodynamic optimization is highlighted by Argonne.
  • Our collaborative proposal to study the mathematics of surrogate modeling for nonlinear dynamical systems is accepted for funding by DOE.
  • Our collaborative proposal to study mathematical, computational, and hardware considerations for surrogate modeling of PDEs is accepted for funding by NSF.
  • Janah Richardson, an intern from Walter Payton College Prep High School, wins a gold medal for her ACT-SO project! She investigated structural inequalities using statistical modeling in Chicago. (see news story here).
  • Our research into using neural ordinary differential equations for reduced-order modeling is a Physica D. highly cited article! (scroll down the page to find our entry).
  • Our Physics of Fluids paper for surrogate modeling of advection-dominated flows using deep convolutional autoencoders is chosen as Editors' pick!
  • Our studies of simulation and data science interoperability have been selected for an Exascale Computing Project Proxy application.
  • NSF MSGI intern Dominic Skinner's excellent work is featured by DOE!
  • Our research on geophysical surrogate modeling using recurrent neural architecture search is covered by HPCWire, Newswise, and Insidehpc.
  • Our Physics of Fluids paper for stable non-intrusive reduced-order model using bidirection LSTMs is chosen as Editors' pick!
  • Check out a feature story on my Margaret Butler Fellowship project.

Research verticals - click images to learn more

Closure modeling

Surrogate modeling

Data science for scientific computing

Interpretable AI

Numerical methods

Romit Maulik


Assistant Computational Scientist
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory.


Research Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

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